Health Optimisation Devices

People with a Health Optimization mindset focus on strategies that help them operate at their best or most optimal level- both physically and mentally. They look beyond preventive medicine and instead ask the question: How can I become my best self for decades to come? Check this

Health Optimisation devices use medically approved therapies to target specific issues and stimulate the body’s natural self-healing and regulating mechanisms. These technologies can also be used in combination with personalized high-impact lifestyle tweaks to give the body additional capacity for restitution and accelerate healing.

Developed by Impulse Dynamics, the Optimizer Smart and Optimizer Smart Mini are minimally invasive, implantable devices that deliver Cardiac Contractility Modulation (CCM) therapy to treat heart failure. CCM therapy enhances the strength of your heart’s contractions and can improve your quality of life by reducing symptoms of chronic heart failure and allowing you to return to many of your normal activities.

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The device, which is small and the size of a pacemaker, is inserted in a pocket under the skin in the upper chest under light sedation. It is custom-programmed by your physician and can be charged once per week via an external charger. The Optimizer Smart device is expected to last 20 years or more.

The Optimizer Smart device is FDA-approved and has received Breakthrough Technology designation from the FDA. Studies have shown that the device improves the 6-minute hall walk distance, quality of life, and functional status in patients with NYHA class III heart failure who remain symptomatic despite guideline-directed medical therapy and are not candidates for traditional CRT therapy because of low LVEF or other reasons.