About Pinks

Meet Lorelei Naomi

My name is Lorelei Naomi and I’ve been writing every day for about ten years. This blog is about helping you write a novel.

Have you always dreamed of becoming a writer, but haven’t yet been able to take action? Carrying the dream of writing a story but not being able to make it happen, lacking confidence in your abilities, getting discouraged by the magnitude of the task … I’ve been there too.

One day, I realized that I was watching my life go by without realizing my dream. So I pushed back my fears, rolled up my sleeves and read dozens of books and blogs about writing.
Then I started writing. I discovered the pleasure of unfolding a world from my imagination, bringing characters to life and unfolding a plot. I overcame my many doubts and experienced the sense of accomplishment of putting the finishing touches on my first novel… and then the following ones.

With Storytellers Pinks, I want to give you all the keys to help you make your writing dream come true, too!
Check out my articles (listed here) to learn more about narrative techniques, character writing, stylistics, genre specifics, etc.

And if you want to learn more, check out my writing kits, which combine comprehensive guides with how-to sheets to get you started.