NTICS Malicious IP List

Whether you’re an IP data reseller, SOC analyst or Security Manager, having an up-to-date malicious IP list is vital to your organisation’s cybersecurity posture. Our malicious IP feed lists all the known IOCs associated with a particular IP address to help you quickly and efficiently identify breaches and intrusions.

What is a known malicious IP address?

When a suspicious connection is identified, NTICS will automatically download the latest malicious IP list from our cloud service and enrich your logs with the malicious IOCs defined by the threat intelligence feed. You can then configure firewall rules to block traffic to and from the suspected malicious IP addresses, or use our threat intelligence dashboards to investigate further if you require more information. The dashboard shows a summary of all suspected IPs along with the name of the threat intelligence feed, confidence level, country of origin and more. Each suspect IP also contains a drilldown link that when clicked will open the corresponding investigation dashboard, showing all logs related to that specific IP address.

Malicious IP addresses are used to engage in cyber-crime activities such as malware, account takeover, web attacks, scraping and command and control (C2). Criminals work hard to avoid getting blacklisted by constantly changing their attack infrastructure, but our scalable solution enables you to automatically block user registrations, purchases and other suspicious user activity, or present it with additional verification checks, making it nearly impossible for criminals to access your site or apps.