What You Need to Know About Cannabis Extracts Canada

lit extracts canada are a potent form of cannabis that offer an intense high with a faster onset of effects than regular cannabis flower. They’re made by using chemical solvents like butane that require strict regulatory oversight to ensure the final product is safe and free of contamination. These high THC cannabis extracts can be used in many ways including vaping and dabbing, added to edibles, or infused into joints.

Extracts for Medical Use in Canada

While it’s not recommended for medical cannabis patients to consume extracts, it’s a popular recreational activity for those seeking an immediate and potent high. During the extraction process, the cannabinoids and terpenes are pulled out from the cannabis plant into a variety of forms such as shatter, live resin, RSO oils, and more. These extracts can be smoked, vaporized in a specialized dab rig for an intense experience, or incorporated into edible products such as oils and butter.

Since the launch of the legal cannabis market in mid-December, extracts have seen strong growth and are a significant portion of the Canadian cannabis industry’s overall sales. As a result, Health Canada has outlined and finalized important criteria for THC amounts that extracts can contain. As of right now, extracts that are in liquid form are only allowed to contain a maximum of 90 mL of THC. In order to avoid fines or even closure, licensees that produce noncompliant products must submit their products for a redetermination.