The Length of a Field Hockey Pitch

length of hockey pitch

The length of hockey pitch can vary depending on the level of play. International matches and major tournaments require a specific pitch length, while local or amateur games might have slightly different measurements. Generally, a standard field hockey pitch is 100 meters and 7 centimeters long, which converts to 328 feet and 1.5 inches.

Unlike in soccer, where the ball is played on the ground, field hockey players have to hit the ball above knee height, and there are rules about the way the stick can be used. For example, players can only use the flat side of the stick to hit the ball, and it’s important that they don’t touch other team members with it, which is called third-party obstruction.

The Science Behind Hockey Pitch Length: Finding the Perfect Balance

Other key differences include the structure of the goal, and the shooting circles that surround it. These are semi-circles that extend from the goal line and back to it, and they’re the only area where players can shoot the ball into the goal. They also have to be marked with dashed lines, which indicate that a shot can’t go into the goal from outside these areas.

A sand-based turf is a good option for schools and clubs, but it can wear out faster than a water-based pitch, and it’s not suitable for professional matchplay. It’s also not recommended to install a sand-based pitch in an area that’s prone to flooding, because it can become waterlogged over time, and it won’t hold up as well when rain falls.