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Matt Specialists South Africa

Matt grew up in South Africa and his best friend’s family had moved from Ethiopia to live in Newcastle, both of which sparked his deep passion for Africa at an early age. After finishing school, he joined a charity in Uganda and spent a year teaching and living there, seeing all of its major parks, climbing all three Virunga volcanoes, and trekking with gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Matt then continued volunteering with a wildlife project in Botswana, working on game captures and vulture nesting studies, while also exploring the vast and unspoiled wilderness. Go here

Matt now heads the firm’s energy focus group in sub-Saharan Africa, co-ordinating its concentration on projects in this sector across this region. He advises sponsors, developers, contractors, equity financiers and lenders on a broad range of power generation projects (thermal, nuclear, renewables, waste-to-energy), and major infrastructure initiatives, including advising on construction, operation, supply and services agreements, regulatory compliance, risk, and project company structures. He also assists in the resolution and determination of project disputes, closely supporting client litigator teams with their analysis of contract and related issues.

Mattresses Mastered: South Africa’s Leading Matt Specialists

Matthew Galluzzo, a criminal defense lawyer who previously worked at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Sex Crimes Unit, was recruited and hired by USAID for a select and critical assignment in South Africa. The country has a serious and widespread rape problem, and USAID asked Matthew to travel to the country and conduct seminars for its prosecutors on modern and proper methods for investigating rape allegations.