Street Photography Lightroom Presets

Creating a stunning photo requires more than just capturing a good scene. It also requires an efficient way to edit it and bring out the best features. That is why using a street photography lightroom preset can be a great idea for your next photo editing project. These presets can make your photos more eye-catching by adjusting contrast and making colours more saturated. They are also perfect for enhancing the appearance of details, bringing out a more dramatic look, and even adding a fading effect.

How do I edit street photography in Lightroom?

The lightroom presets street photography includes a variety of different styles for you to choose from. These include black and white, film, and night-based presets to suit any style or requirement you may have. They are designed to be used on all types of photography, from street scenes and urban landscapes, to fashion shots and portraits. The presets are made by Contrastly, one of the most trusted names in Lightroom presets today.

These Lightroom presets for urban street photography will help you create a unique and stylish aesthetic. Some of the presets have a dark and moody look, while others are more modern and detailed. For example, Rising Star can add a dreamy feel to your cityscapes and urban photos. It has a blue and orange tint that makes your photos more interesting and eye-catching. Other presets, like TVK Drama and Fooled by Dark, have a more conservative enhancement. They have a darker style that still produces vivid colors.