Scooby Snacks Mushrooms

scooby snacks mushrooms

Scooby snacks are the motivational reward given to everyone’s favorite mystery solving canine! These Keebler baked graham crackers have been the food of choice for Scooby and Shaggy throughout their 50+ years of television and film appearances. They are also popular as a real life snack, most often found in the form of Scooby Snacks cereal or in Scooby Snack-inspired candy bars.

In the world of psilocybin scooby snacks mushrooms supplements, scooby snacks are a fun and tasty way to micro dose. Typically consisting of small capsules, these pill doses contain a combination of magic mushrooms and herbal ingredients to create a balanced, energetic experience. The blending of psilocybe cubensis mushroom powder with other ingredients such as fo ti tieng, spirulina, schisandra, ginseng and bee pollen are meant to enhance the experience and balance any side effects.

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The recipe for these scooby snacks can vary widely depending on the specific strain of mushrooms used and how potent you would like to experience the trip. For most people, a medium-potency strain such as Golden Teacher works well for Scooby Snacks. Other options include lion’s mane, chaga, or ginger. These adaptogens have centuries of use in traditional medicine, and are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that may help prevent cellular damage and increase energy levels.

These ingredients are blended into a fine powder and then filled into smaller capsules (size 00-0) and capped. This method helps bypass the gritty texture and earthy taste of the shrooms, resulting in a clean and smooth blend. The final product is a delicious way to microdose, and can be enjoyed for activities such as nature outings, concerts or camping.