The Importance of Email Validation

free email validationFree email validation  is a critical part of any email marketing strategy. This process ensures that the emails you send can actually be delivered to their intended recipients. A well-implemented email validation process can help you reduce hard bounces, improve your deliverability score and avoid sending to risky or invalid addresses.

Whether you have a small list of 100 contacts or a large list of thousands of subscribers, the right email validation tool can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your lists clean and your email campaigns performing. Email validation is the process of identifying valid, bad or inactive email addresses. Using an email checker is the best way to proactively keep your email database clean and prevent costly bounces, poor deliverability, spam complaints, and more.

Why Free Email Validation is Crucial for Your Business and How to Get Started

Free email verification checks are a quick and easy way to identify the quality of an email address. Email verification tools look at many different variables to determine the validity of an email address, including if the email is a catch-all or role based (“sales@”, “support@”), syntax errors, the mail domain’s configuration and recent spam, scam, fraud or abuse complaints. The right email validation tool will also identify spam traps, which are real-looking but invalid addresses used by internet service providers and anti-spam groups to catch malicious senders.

Invalid and harmful email addresses can significantly increase your bounce rates, which in turn lowers your email marketing key performance indicators such as open and click-through rates. By regularly running a free email validation tool, you can ensure that your mailings are only going to the quality leads who want to hear from you.