Mens Tailored Shorts

Mens tailored shorts are the ultimate summer staple for any man who wants to dress smartly. They can be worn for dinner dates, garden parties and holiday getaways, and offer a more refined alternative to chino trousers or chinos.

Fit is key: Look for a pair that fits like it was made just for you. This includes a good fit around the hips, waist and thighs.

The style of the short is also important – opt for a loose cut for active pursuits and slim or regular for a more casual look. Choose a neutral shade such as navy or beige and add some smart tops to complete the look.

If you work in an outdoor cafe, wearing a comfortable pair of shorts is very important because it will keep you cool all day. This is especially important if you are a waiter or waitress.

The Best Men’s Tailored Shorts: A Comprehensive Guide to Fit and Style

Tailored shorts are also great for people who need to move a lot during their job because they can be layered up and tucked in underneath a long pant. This is a common choice for delivery truck drivers, postal workers and fitness instructors.

There are many different types of shorts for men, from pleated to running styles. A pleated pair is appropriate for semi-formal occasions while running shorts are more for sports activities and physical outings.

The type of fabric is also important, with breathable cotton or linen a great option for casual wear. Printed shorts are also an option for a summery touch, such as this pair from Beams Plus that is inspired by Batik textiles.